When you receive your order there may be some wax left on the product. This is the white substance you may see. This will either wear away with use, or can be removed with a cloth or a clean, soft horsehair shoe brush if desired, or when you treat your new item as described below.

Your new product can be treated throughout its life just as any other item of quality leather. All Silleknotte products are made using harness leather from Sorensen Leather and I recommend using Gold Quality leather conditioner with beeswax to treat your product.



You don't need to do anything to your new product when you first receive it, it has already been treated, however all products will benefit from treatment when it starts to feel dry.

Simply work some of the conditioner into grain side with a clean lint free cloth and polish off with a clean lint free cloth or soft horsehair brush when dry, typically in 2 - 4 hours.



Your product should be cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary and treated with conditioner either when the leather starts to look or feel dry, has been exposed to rain or a damp environment or you simply wish to make the item look smart. 

If your leatherwork has got soaking wet it should be allowed to dry at room temperature and never placed in front of a fire or radiator. Once the product has dried, use Gold Quality leather oil to rejuvenate the item. Apply using your hands as the warmth will help the oil penetrate the fibres.