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håndlavet på værkstedet

Using traditional leather working tools and techniques
every item is handmade from high quality vegetable tanned harness leather.

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Kernelæderets elegance.

Harness leather is truely a sensational leather - robust and elegant at the same time.
When used your personal produkt will show the scuffs and memories of your everyday life.

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It's even better with age.

Harness leather is greatly influenced by its environment and will
initially change colour when exposed to sunlight.

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The name Silleknotte derives from a south-Danish dialect – from my grandmother Marie Petrine. She loved to watch the horse races and always chose a favourite horse. Usually that horse was the underdog – the last one. She would call that horse Silleknotte. Whether it lost or won, it was still her favourite. 

SILLEKNOTTE er først og fremmest historien om min lidenskab for og kærlighed til kernelæder. Med en moderne og kreativ tilgang, bestræber jeg mig på at skabe en fornyet interesse for kernelæder og for det håndlavede produkt. Mit fokus er på håndværket og på materialer af højeste kvalitet i tæt samspil med skandinaviske design principper.

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Kernelæder i tre smukke farver.


The beauty of harness leather extends to the colours. The tan colour is called natural and goes through three phases of patina to achieve a darker colour. It starts out as rather light, turning to a very pale pink and then a lovely light tan brown. Smaller items such as wallets and key holders can go even darker - as much as dark chestnut. 


Den mørkebrune har en smule pigment og er en semianilin. Det betyder at læderet har fået en let beskyttende overflade og derved er blevet mere modstandsdygtigt overfor påvirkninger i brugen. Det sikrer desuden en ensartet farve og giver en mere ensartet overfladetekstur. Bemærk hvordan denne farve bliver en smule lysere med tiden efterhånden som patina trænger frem.


An all time classic colour choice. Like the dark brown, black harness leather is a semi-aniline leather produced through a very similar process to aniline, but has a thin protective top coat added to protect it from wear and staining. Watch as this colour will become a little lighter over time as the patina emerges.



Many things in life get better with time - a SILLEKNOTTE product becomes part of who you are while taking on scuffs and memories of your everyday life. I believe that the products I create should last for many years – a lifetime even – carried and used daily, mirroring a unique and individual lifestyle. That is the spirit in which they were created.



As its name implies, harness leather has strong equestrian ties. A sensational leather with a smooth surface, it’s noticeably strong and quite firm. Horse lovers appreciate its versatility, as the ideal leather for all kinds of accoutrements, such as saddlebags, straps, belts and, of course, harnesses.



High quality vegetable tanned harness leather is matched with simple forms, accentuating fine details, a high level of craftsmanship and the natural beauty within the material. Using traditional leather working tools and techniques, every item is handmade, the final product being as much a result of instinct as it is of education and history.